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TING! Return Policy

Most items sold in Ting! are covered by our 48 hour-return policy from the date the item was delivered.


To avoid rejection of returns, please ensure that your return matches below acceptable return reasons.


Valid Reasons to Return an Item

  1. Defective, expired, or Damaged item
  2. Received wrong item
  3. Ordered the wrong item
  4. Item does not match the product description
  5. Missing accessories or parts
  6. User has changed their mind
  7. User want to exchange to a different size or color


Conditions where return is invalidated (not accepted)

  1. Returned items have visible signs of wear or use.
  2. Tags are removed or damaged.
  3. Product is damaged due to user mishandling.
  4. The product is not eligible for Returns (refer to product’s return policy in the app to learn whether the product you are viewing is eligible for returns).
  5. The 48 hours return window from the date of delivery has passed.
  6. The user has already pressed “Confirm Order Complete” button which renders the whole order as completed.


How Do I Return A Product?

  1. Open your TING! app, go to My Ting and locate the item you wish to return.
  2. You will find a Return button below the product that is eligible for return.
  3. Press the return button to activate the return process.
  4. Bring the item to TING! Office at #29B, Street 396, Sangkat Boeng Kengkorng 3, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh for review.
  5. A TING! Customer Representative will receive your returned product and confirm the return.
  6. You will be refunded for the amount paid for the product in full, but other fees (such as delivery fee, if applicable) will not be refunded.


Returning Product Frequently Asked Questions


Can I send the return product via delivery (such as Grab or Passapp?)

Yes absolutely. But please coordinate with your customer representative first before sending the return product via third party delivery company in order us to be able to anticipate the return, and process it for you.


How much refund do I get?

You will receive a full refund for the amount you paid for item that you have returned. However if the order have other costs incurred during the checkout process (delivery fee, cash payment fee, and other fees) this will not be refunded, unless the product you received is a defect, then we will refund your payment in full including other fees.


How soon can I get my refund?

If you bring the return product yourself, and if the product is in compliance with the return policy, you can get the full refund right away. If not in person, then the refund will be sent via ABA within 24 hours of return validation.


Can you arrange a driver to pickup the return item?

Since the return process involves checking the item for validation before the return is confirmed, we are not able to send out a third party delivery company to perform this duty. It is advisable for the user to send the return item in person to TING! office in order to validate the return.


Do I need to show proof of purchase or receipt?

No need, all interaction happens inside the TING! App. There is no form to be filled, just press the RETURN button inside the TING! App to start the return process.


What if the product received is defective and it was the last piece?

TING! will refund the product price in full (including other fees if applicable).


How long does it take to process a return request?

TING! Will process the return request as soon as TING! receives the returned item in our office. Once the item is verified as compliant with the return policy, the return will be confirmed and the item price is refunded within 24 hours.


I received an item as a gift. How can I receive a refund?

Only the user who made the purchased in the app can initiate the return. If the receiver wish to return the item, the receiver must communicate with the user who made the purchase to initiate the return process in the Ting! app.

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